Tim Acosta's Roadkill Big Band at The Big Easy

Daryl Burch uploaded this event on May 24, 2018


The Big Easy
128 American Alley
Petaluma, CA
(707) 776-7163

Tim Acosta's Roadkill Big Band at The Big Easy


Wed, February 19, 2020
7:00 pm


Like the day old pizza on your counter, we warned you not to eat that!! Come on out & play with us anyways! The players are stellar. The music, top notch. The food, outrageous. And the beers are a flowing... 3 hours of hardcore big band ear candy to feed your musical soul. The 18-piece thundering herd is in the chute and ready to launch! Joe, Doug, Jon, Jan, Mario, Dave, Walt and a complete cast of musical characters will be there to crank out the tasty beats! No cover! Let us know if you can make it out.

Who's Going

Look for the following at the show.

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